Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To My One True Love.....

True love is the bond that won't be broken,
     no matter what the challenge
It's the bridge to our future and the door
     from our past
It's togetherness, when separation could
     always be an option
It's never giving up on each other
     and the love we want to last

True love is a commitment to keeping
      our promises; it's staying together
      because we want to
It's the ultimate satisfaction; it's the
      soul's celestial gate
Sometimes it doesn't make much sense
      and it plays by its own rules
But the heart is homesick without it
      and it's well worth the wait

When the world's rules are changing,
     true love will hold fast
It won't take for granted, and it won't
     change with the tide
It won't be discarded like some
      out-of-style fashion

When we hurt each other's feelings,
     we forgive and go on
We survive life's ups and downs, and
     we're thankful when dreams come true
I know I sound old-fashioned,
     but I don't care if I do
I guess I just love our life together because
     I'm still in love with you.

                     -Donna Fargo

People often say that your first true love is a love you never forget and its the only time you truly give yourself without holding back. What do you think? Is this true or not? In my opinion I don't think this is true. I believe that the human heart is capable of so much; especially loving with all your heart and soul more than once. We just have to let go of our fear, resentment or whatever it is that holds us back from experiencing such a blissful feeling. Is forgiveness hard? Yes. Is swallowing your pride harder? Hell yes. But love always prevails in my eyes.

May God always give me the wisdom and strength to see the good in my husband before the bad. Now a days its so tough to be an optimist at heart but may the love for my best friend prevail always......

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